Welcome to the Oregon State University Dam Impacts Database

OSU DID is a global database of the social and ecological impacts of dam construction. Created by researchers and students, this database is intended to help policymakers, researchers, community members and others find information on a selection of dams from around the world.

Currently, more than 500 dams from most of the world’s major river systems are included, with information drawn from more than 700 published references.

The project

Hydropower represents one of the fastest-growing sectors in renewable energy around the world. Yet we know little about how large dam projects affect the individuals and communities who live near them.

Led by Dr. Bryan Tilt, the OSU DID aims to increase understanding of how dams affect people and the natural resources on which they depend.

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Database features

The database contains a sample of more than 500 dams from around the world, with information on social and ecological impacts. The information is geo-coded, and users can access it via an interactive map. Users can also download the full project bibliography.


A comprehensive map of all dam locations featured and studied in this project.

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We encourage broad use and dissemination of the information contained in this database. The information is not copyrighted; however, we request that you cite the database as follows:

“Dam Impacts Database. Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts, Oregon State University.”

The information contained in the database comes from a variety of sources, both peer-reviewed and not peer-reviewed. This is a work in progress; Oregon State University does not certify this information for accuracy or completeness. Please always refer to the primary sources cited. These citations are provided for informational purposes, and their inclusion on this site does not constitute an endorsement.